Medical Social Worker

What Does a Medicare Home Care Medical Social Worker Do?

Medicare home health care medical social workers help people increase their capacities for problem solving and coping; and they help them obtain needed resources, services, and facilitate interactions between individuals and between people and their environment.

Medicare home health social workers help people become more self-sufficient; preventing dependency; strengthening family relationships; and restoring individuals, families, and groups to successful social functioning.

Medicare home health care medical social workers provide social group work, in which small numbers of people, who share similar interests or common problems convene regularly and engage in activities designed to achieve certain objectives such as exchanging information, facilitating support for clients/patients, helping them deal with their problems and education to improve the quality of life.

How Will My Medicare Home Health Medical Social Worker Help Me?

A Medicare home health care Medical Social Worker will counsel you about the emotional concerns caused by your illness and help with longer range planning. They will help coordinate services, medical and non-medical related to your condition (ie. home delivered meals), discuss eligibility for other assistance programs, explain medical bills and give a general description of community resources as they apply to your situation.

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