About Us

About Us


A Medicare Certified Home Health Agency

Lic. # HHA299992954

In 2005, Boca Home Care was established. It augments services by providing medical skills required to meet patient health needs and enhanced independence. This holistic progression with Geriatric Care Management and private aides results in comprehensive patient care and well being.

Medicare home health includes Skilled Nursing (RN), Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, Medical Social Worker and an Aide (bathing).Visits are 100% covered (Part A) with a Doctor’s order. The goals are healing, strengthening and improving the patient’s overall ability to maintain their lifestyle at home. Quality measures and strict protocols for improved patient health are intrinsic to the Medicare program. We are proud that our re-hospitalization rate is lower (better) than the State and National averages.

Boca Home Care has also ranked in the 93rd National Percentile for “Improvement in Management of Oral Prescriptions and 86th percentile in keeping patients out of the hospital. These comparative scores have resulted in tremendous growth for a relatively new company which now serves over 200 patients on a daily average census

Source: Medicare.gov/homehealthcompare

Boca Home Care State Avg. National Avg.
Percentage of patients who had to be admitted to the hospital 13% 15% 16%
Percentage of patients who need urgent, unplanned medical care 13% 10% 12%