Senior Fall Prevention

Senior Fall Prevention

Falling is the leading cause of injury for Seniors. Recuperation from fractures sustained by falls is difficult, painful, and costly. Falls can result in a lifestyle altering change due to limited mobility and loss of independence. Many falls happen in the home, doing regular daily things. The two main factors are: changes in our body as we age- some decreases in eyesight, hearing, coordination and physical strength. As we age, bones become more brittle and the body heals more slowly.

You may be eligible for a skilled home health care nurse to come to your home and evaluate changes in medication. A occupational or physical therapist can work with you to improve gait, balance and ease with household tasks. Speak to your doctor about these options to enhance your safety, as part of your Medicare home care benefit.

Protect yourself and decrease your risk of falling and injuries in the following ways:

  • Have your vision & hearing checked regularly
  • Talk to your doctor or pharmacist about your medication and possible side effects such as dizziness, drowsiness or becoming unsteady on your feet affecting balance
  • Have a physical therapist or doctor create an exercise plan to strengthen muscles and improve balance
  • Install and use safety bars around toilet and in shower, use a hand held shower head and place a seat in shower, use a safety mat or non-slip strips, use handrails on stairs
  • If you need a cane or walker – use it! Wear comfortable shoes with rubber soles
  • Have good lighting kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, use night lights in bathroom and hallways
  • Keep walkways clutter free, repair broken tiles or flooring to avoid tripping
  • Avoid throw rugs or tack them down with non slip backing or glue
  • If living alone, get an emergency response system installed
  • Carry a cell phone on your person
  • Keep things you use the most in easy to reach drawers and cabinets
  • Concentrate when walking outside or in unfamiliar places
  • Avoid wet areas and wipe up spills quickly

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